Feb 22, 2018

Agri Labour Australia becomes one of the first companies to achieve StaffSure certification

Agri Labour Australia has become one of the first Australian companies to secure a place on the StaffSure registry as a certified workforce service provider.

One of only a handful of firms to have made it into the registry so far, Agri Labour Australia submitted to a full audit of its business practices to ensure everything was up to StaffSure standards.

StaffSure is a proactive and industry-led initiative which rewards those firms who have invested in systems and processes to protect clients and workers.

This certification makes it simple for business, government and workers to check that Workforce Service Providers (such as labour hire companies and agricultural recruitment firms) are reputable and adhere to strict codes of conduct.

Certification by StaffSure will also reduce joint-liability risk for business and government that engage certified providers.

StaffSure was developed by RCSA to help operators prove their business integrity when providing workforce services for the agriculture industry. As the peak body, RCSA knew that the problem of poor business practice was wider than traditional ‘labour hire’ and that a scheme was needed to validate all forms of workforce services.

In developing StaffSure, RCSA worked in consultation with industries that use Workforce Service Providers, regulatory government bodies, unions that employ workers and certification experts with global experience.

To become certified, Agri Labour Australia was required to submit to an independent audit against the StaffSure Standard of these six core principles:

  1. Fit & Proper Persons own and run the business
  2. Work Status & Remuneration to ensure workers receive minimum employment Entitlements
  3. Financial Assurance to operate the business sustainably
  4. Safe Work for all workers
  5. Immigration and visa laws are complied with
  6. Accommodation supplied by employers or clients is suitable and rent is fair

Of the firms who made it through the certification process, StaffSure chief executive officer Charles Cameron says: “Through your leadership and belief, we have taken a massive step forward in cleaning up our industry and in the promotion of professionals.” 

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