Nov 06, 2018

Agri Mo Australia

November heralds the beginning of stubble and strange wispy chin hairs on men from all corners of the globe as they embark on their facial hair journey to raise funds for the Movember Foundation.

As the leading charity striving to change men’s health, Movember addresses some of the biggest issues faced by men, including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

The Agri Labour Australia team is always keen to inspire, entertain and build awareness for a great cause, and Movember is one of their favourites. With male suicide rates, injuries and disease significantly higher in rural locations, the team at Agri Labour Australia are committed to assist the change through fund (and hair) raising for the Foundation.

We aim to raise $1000 by growing our our mo’s and for our fresh faces that aren’t quite up to the task we’ll also be participating in ‘Move for Movember’, where you can walk or run 60km during the month.

While men’s health remains a serious issue, Movember is a fun, easy and healthy way of raising money for a great charity.

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