Apr 03, 2020

Candidate Conversations – Billy Suyapmo

Billy Suyapmo

From the time he arrived in Australia from Indonesia almost two years ago, Bill Suyapmo has been a welcome and popular member of the Agri Labour Australia Team.

Commencing as a candidate, Billy has proven himself to be an excellent all rounder and works as a supervisor on some of our horticulture projects. Billy also helps out with recruitment in the Kelvin Grove office from time to time.

Always ready with a smile and willing to assist wherever needed, we thought we should have a chat with Billy to find out more.

 How did you start with Agri Labour Australia?

ALA has a great reputation amongst the Indonesian community. People I spoke to said that ALA provides the best opportunities, so I made contact and here I am today!

What is your role?

I’ve had lots of projects since starting, the last one was for the Mango harvest in North Queensland and I’ve also been helping the recruitment team in the Head Office.

What are your main duties?

As a supervisor, I need to make sure all the crew are safe and doing well in their jobs. I am responsible for them following the correct procedure and of any issues with safety. I also work closely with the client – by connecting with them we can understand what they truly need from their workforce.

What’s the best part of your job?

I enjoy having to adapt to different situations. It’s a basic yet challenging skill and I like applying my adaptability when working with large groups of people, different working environments and also the various cultures and personalities that are a part of daily life.

What skills have you learned since joining Agri Labour Australia?

Time management! Also, joining the recruitment team has shown me how quickly things can happen – again it’s about being adaptable! Learning recruitment skills is new and something I never thought I’d be doing when I first started. I feel so lucky to have that opportunity and it’s been exciting to go from farm to office and back to the farm again.

What is the most challenging?

The constant need to travel can be a challenge, but also very exciting. ALA offer so many opportunities that allow you to travel to so many different parts of Australia. Living in a really remote area can be very different if you are used to having lots of people around and going out a lot, but I made the most of it by sightseeing, cooking, picnics and hanging out with one or two new friends!

What are your career goals?

Working in Australia has opened my view of how things could be done back in my home of Indonesia. I have a dream of having my own blueberry farm which is something that had never entered my mind until now! I really hope I can apply what I have learned during my time here and use it to build a successful future.

How has ALA helped you while you’ve been in Australia?

The recruitment team is awesome, and they really work hard to help connect you with good jobs. This has been such a help to me – especially at the end of a season where many people can be confused about where to go or what to do next. I never felt this way working with ALA – I believe that as long as you do the best in your job, ALA will do everything they can to help you find further work.

How have you grown as a person since working with us?

Back in Indonesia I never had the opportunity to work with people from other cultures and I’ve learned to adapt to more situations than I ever thought possible. My view of how agriculture works in Australia has also really broadened.

What would you tell other people who are considering working for ALA?

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy company, then apply to ALA – you won’t be disappointed!

Where to from here?

I plan to continue my studies in engineering, but to be honest I am a little confused as to whether I want to pursue a career in this or start studying horticulture!

Favourite place in Australia and why?

Waikerie, South Australia. ALA connected me with a great job down there – it was the best time, great work environment, lovely weather and a beautiful town. Just perfect!


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