Jul 05, 2023

Cooking competition brings a taste of the country to town

Last month, the spirit of AgriGundy lived on with our Agri Labour Australia and Agri Talent Cooking Competition!

You may recall back in March some of the team headed out for our ‘Gundy’ day, where we visited farm sites and learnt ‘on the job skills’. While there, we had the pleasure of Geraldine Smith’s home cooking and after many recipe requests, a new idea was born… one where we brought some of the classic country cooking we experienced to the big smoke! (We really just wanted an excuse to eat some of the fantastic treats Geraldine served us again!).

However, this time around, we took a leaf out of the CWA’s book and became Hosts with the Most – cooking some of Geraldine’s most loved dishes plus a few of our own favourites. These were all brought together for Geraldine to judge on the day.

1 large image combining 8 smaller squares. Within each square there is close up image of an entry into the Agri Cooking Competition. From left to right, the food pictured are: Fresh Plain Scones, Crispy Pork Belly, Estonian Biscuit Cake, Beef Hot Pot. On the second row, from left to right: Tasty Fried Fiji-Indo bites, Peanut Butter Slice, South Indian Medu Vada and Crunchy Anzac biscuits.
A selection of the delicious treats entered into our first Agri Cooking Competition, on 14th June

Congratulations to our winners, Ashley Greener and Stanley Lam – Now we’ve unearthed these hidden talents, we’ll be sure to get them on display more often! We also had the privilege to hear from Dr Theresa Ruig, Associate Director – Workforce, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist with Ignis Consulting.

In addition to her dynamic and incredible career, Theresa is one of Geraldine’s daughters, her sister being Michelle, an Agri Labour Australia Account Managers. Theresa went blind at the age of 10, and uses her personal and professional experiences across a range of industry sectors to bring awareness of the valuable capabilities and skills that are sometimes hidden behind a person’s cover.

Pictured from left to right is a middle age man, with a moustache, holding up a Winners certificate and block of chocolate. He is wearing a hat and smiling broadly. The next photo shows a group of 4 smiling adults. These people are Luke, Dr Theresa, Michelle and Geraldine. Michelle is holding a bunch of flowers. Theresa’s companion dog Django sits in front of them, He is a black, adult Labrador. The next photo to the left, shows Michelle in her high visibility work shirt shaking Stanley's hand for his Crispy Pork Belly competition entry.
Our 2 Winners proudly accepting their awards and praise, and a group photo of our judging panel, Luke, Dr Theresa, Michelle and Geraldine, with Django, Theresa’s sight companion and adorable black Labrador.

We greatly appreciated Dr Theresa giving up some of her day to join us for morning tea. It was humbling to hear her story, along with incredibly insightful suggestions for workplaces across Australia when it comes to achieving their Inclusivity and Diversity goals.

A sincere thank you to both Geraldine and Theresa for joining us at Agri Labour Australia HQ and graciously giving up their time and experience when it comes to their specialties and passions.

Also a special shout out to the most well mannered companion, Django who could peer onto the table laden with goodies yet restrained himself the whole time.

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