Mar 08, 2023

Equality through equity: Celebrating International Women’s Day 2023

Agri Labour Australia is proud to have built a diverse workforce over the years, and we’re always working towards greater equity and equality across our business, with a particular focus on supporting and celebrating women.


Each year, International Women’s Day comes as an important reminder of this goal, and of the great contributions women make to our business in a variety of roles, including senior leadership positions.

The 2023 International Women’s Day campaign theme, #EmbraceEquity, aims to start a conversation around the world about why equal opportunities aren’t enough to create true equality.

If equality is the goal, equity is the means to get there – and each of us can actively support and embrace equity within our own sphere of influence.

We’re working towards the goal of equality through equity by starting important conversations with the women of Agri Labour Australia about what gives them a sense of belonging at work.

Marcela Badim Rocha Lima
There is a plethora of factors which makes me feel included, welcome, and truly part of the company, including the diversity expressed in the internal teams – both from a cultural perspective, as well as career backgrounds – the true leaders within the business, and the live examples of mid-level leaders and upcoming ones being propelled towards the next level in terms of performance, behaviours and mindsets. Not only it is exciting to be part of this group as an employee, but also a great incentive to continue developing myself personally and professionally whilst nurturing the most genuine relationships!

Christine Blunsdon
For me, it’s all about feeling valued at work.

Melissa Britt
Agri Labour provides a sense of inclusion as well as support and encouragement to move into leadership positions. Luke and Casey’s genuine caring nature also makes all the difference.

Priscilla Knight
Agri Labour is diverse, fostering a positive culture. We connect through open communication, and we are seen for our contributions. We’re supported daily in the work we do and through professional development opportunities to improve and bring out the best in what we do. I’m proud of our values, purpose, and recognition for staff.

Oxana Reed
We have strong representation of women in leadership positions. This is still rare in private enterprise, despite many conversations and activities in public domain about it. Definitely something to be proud of!

Michelle Smith
This company makes you feel part of their team by empowering you to be the best person you can be. They are family friendly company that values our work commitments and achievements and guide us into leadership roles, but also consider our families which helps us to get to work each day. I love working for Agri Labour.

Ai Siang Tan (Parris)
Agri Labour gives me opportunities to express my opinions freely – not sometimes, but always.

Trish Trussell
During the many years I’ve worked for this company, Casey and Luke have always included me in all meetings/gatherings, even though I work and live in South Australia. I also have had a lot of support and guidance from Liam, Ruth and Ai Pheng; they are always available with any enquires I may have.

Nicole Whittle
South Africa
We are not only able but are encouraged to contribute to meaningful conversations around day-to-day operations and the future of the business. I feel honoured to be amongst such strong, driven, like-minded women in the agricultural sector. We all work together and support each other in challenging times and celebrate our wins – it’s pretty amazing!

Rema Wright
As a new joiner in any organisation, the very first battles to face – aside from learning the role and tasks – are adapting to the company culture and the stigma of being compared to your predecessor. I have been to many organisations in Australia and abroad, including multinational organisations, and it gives me so much comfort that I never felt outcast as a new employee – that I was accepted as me. It’s a testament to the organisation’s culture that it’s mature enough to not deal with office politics and other nonsense drama. The framed motivational quotes on our office wall say, “practice love and positivity”, and everyone in the office does that each day.

Fiona Stevens
I am only very new at Agri Labour and already I feel so at home. Everyone at work has created an environment that has made me feel very welcomed and part of the team. Everyone seems so nice and understanding which makes it easier to settle in and be comfortable, while the variety of different cultures and backgrounds within the team gives this work place an extra special touch. I can’t wait to experience more of this positive, inclusive and supportive environment.

Kelli McDougall
Working in a leadership role with Agri Labour Australia has provided me with the platform and support to drive business and employee initiatives I struggled to execute in my own small business. The culture is one of empowerment, inclusion and, most importantly, TRUST. The Directors and Executive team empower all leaders to “lead”, not just manage and execute operations. This culture of empowerment and coaching enables all staff to be invested in their roles and make decisions and provide input without fear of negative repercussions.

Happy International Women’s Day to all of the amazing women who provide their invaluable support to the Australian agriculture industry.

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