Nov 19, 2021

National Ag Day 2021
Celebrating the Adventure & Excitement of an ‘Agricareer’!

Every day is National Ag Day at Agri Labour Australia! And while we may not actually ‘celebrate’ National Ag Day each day, our team certainly lives, loves and breathes agriculture every single day of the week!

This year’s #AgDayAU theme is all about celebrating the fabulous and fulfilling career opportunities on offer in the agriculture industry – time to choose your #AgVenture!

Australian agriculture offers endless possibilities with some of the best scenery and job options available. The incredible diversity of Australia’s landscapes make it one of the most desirable places to visit anywhere in the world – it’s why (before Covid-19 shut our borders) hundreds of thousands of backpackers hit our shores to take up their very own #AgVenture.

Australia has always been a place of interest for international travellers, but more and more school leavers and every day Aussies are choosing to explore their own backyard and try their hands at working in agriculture. Visit any cattle station or outback town and you’ll find more than one happy local who went looking for a short term adventure and are still there because they love the work, the people, the excitement, and the lifestyle – not to mention the spectacular scenery.

From mango harvesting in the Northern Territory and Queensland to grain, rice and almond harvests in the Riverina region of NSW and regional areas of Victoria, all the way down to cherry picking or aquaculture in Tasmania – we literally have something to suit and excite everyone! If you’ve done a great job, we’ll be sure to connect you with another great employer in another fantastic destination doing well paid farm work.

If adventure is calling you, then get in touch with us to see how we can help you take you on a lifetime of #AgVenture!

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