Nov 12, 2021

Road Tripping – Good Times at Goondiwindi’s Grain Harvest!

Grain harvest australia's best agriculture workers

Site visits are and will always be, a priority for the Agri Labour Australia team. Staying connected through face to face meetings is a vital part in understanding what’s really happening for our clients and candidates.

While many of our team have been raised in rural and regional areas, some have not and it’s an important part of a recruiter’s job to learn firsthand about the agriculture industry, a client’s business and where our candidates will be working.

Site visits are an integral part of ALA’s client service and enable us to build those all important relationships, while getting to the heart of the challenges and needs of our clients. In addition to supporting our clients, we are also there to see our candidates in action. On site visits, we can assess how people are performing, the safety of the environment, what the role is really like and how they are being treated.

Not being able to make many site visits during the Covid-19 restrictions was a challenge for many of our team who thrive on getting out to see their clients. Now, with borders opening and Australian agriculture entering into its busy summer season, some of our newer ALA team members have been hitting the road and visiting parts of rural Australia for the very first time!

With the Australian grain harvest building momentum, a few of the boys headed out to Goondiwindi to learn more about what working on a grain site is really like for both the operators and the workers.

Recruitment Consultant Kyle Bradford said, ’We’ve been recruiting for a lot of different grain clients, so it was really good to get some firsthand knowledge and actually be on the ground to see how it all works. The more information the better when recruiting – that way we can provide candidates with the details to paint a truer picture of the job.’

It was the first time on a grain site for two of the team who both enjoyed the experience of jumping into a header and chaser bin to see how the machine works. They also spoke with various workers and ALA candidates to learn how they were finding the work.

Kyle said, ‘I couldn’t believe how happy everyone was. They’re working 12 hour days, but even though it can be hard, they were all smiling and loving the work. It was also cool to see how the machines and people work so cooperatively to get the job done – it’s serious but everyone also has fun.’

Agri Labour Australia are always ready to welcome new staff and candidates to our agriculture recruitment team. Just like the grain harvest, we work hard but we also know how to have a good time! For more information, visit our website for upcoming roles.

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