Jun 14, 2019

What’s Hot for Winter?

Winter well and truly arrived in Australia last week with temperatures dropping well into the single figures and significant snow falls recorded across the southern states of the country. There was even snow recorded in Queensland!

These colder months see some of the busiest times within the agriculture industry – most significant is the commencement of the winter grain season taking place across the states of NSW, Victoria and South East Queensland.

The annual grain season is Australia’s largest agricultural activity. Generally commencing in June (planting and growing) and running through until the later months (harvesting), grain season provides hundreds of jobs working across a range of crops including; wheat, barley, oats, canola, fava beans and chickpeas.

As Australia’s leading agriculture recruitment agency, Agri Labour Australia (ALA) plays a key role in supplying experienced and skilled workers to join the grain harvest each year. This is exciting and well-paying work where you can undertake a variety of jobs including forklift operators (always in demand!), truck drivers, weighbridge operators, floor staff, labourers and more.

There’s also plenty of activity across other parts of the country with avocados, swedes, apples, pumpkins, potatoes, broccoli, almonds, melons and cotton being harvested in abundance.

Australia’s size delivers an incredible amount of choice for those wanting to work in the agriculture industry at any time of the year. We always welcome candidates with prior knowledge or existing skills but there are also plenty of roles where you don’t need previous experience. The key things we look for in our candidates are: reliability, commitment to the job and a positive attitude. Those candidates who work hard to prove themselves on the job are the ones we try hard to find ongoing work for.

Keep an eye out for your next role by regularly visiting the ALA website and following us on Facebook and Instagram.

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